How would Declan help you?

Some financial advisers sell specific financial products.  By and large, they're perfectly good products and they work fine. This is all well and good provided the job they do is the one you actually need.  But's that's not always the case.

To avoid this square peg in a round hole pitfall, Declan takes a more holistic approach to your financial health.

Because he doesn't champion any one product or product provider, Declan is able to stand back, take an overview of the situation and recommend the products - or range of measures - uniquely suited to your financial life and your personal aspirations.

Typically, he would first sit down informally with you to learn something about your life, your work and your family situation.

What are your career plans?  Where will your children be educated?  Have you property, investments or other assets that need to be protected and nurtured?  What's your tax profile like?  And what about life after work; have you made adequate provisions for your retirement and business succession?

By getting to know you better, Declan can understand your personal priorities and financial parameters, then put together a plan suited to the kind of person you are and the way you choose to live your life.

Because financial markets ebb and flow this client relationship is usually an on-going one - allowing for regular reviews and updates with the opportunity to adapt your plans as your personal requirements and the economic environment shift and change.

It's important to Declan that none of this ever feels like a chore to you.His role is to remove any stress from the equation.

By engaging the services of a Certified Financial Planner™ professional,you should feel empowered and fully in control of your finances.Secure in the knowledge that, at all times, your financial health is being professionally and ethically monitored, managed and maximised.